Dressing Up My China Cabinet with a Cremone Bolt

With school starting back up, all of us are actually enjoying being back to a more normal routine. And “normal” for me means tearing the house apart and putting it back together in a new, improved way. I’ve gotten the living room to a fairly livable state so now I’m jumping into working on the dining room since it’s the most “un-me” room in the house. It does have two things going for it though – a beautiful bay window (similar to the one in my living room) and a built-in china cabinet. I wish I could tell you that my china cabinet looks like this {this fabulous one} from Southern Living but instead it looks like this:

So I’m working on a master plan to fix up this shabby looking lady including:

  • surrounding her with a more flattering paint color – the light blue must go. Immediately.

  • adding larger crown molding around the entire dining room as well as the top of the cabinet

  • lining the back of the cabinet with…something. Wallpaper? Burlap?

  • new hardware

For the new hardware, I was originally thinking about using two long iron pulls for the glass cabinet doors but then I realized what it was that I loved so much about the china cabinet in the top pic – the cremone bolts. Yep, I’m talking about the knob and sliding bolts that extend all the way to the top and bottom of the cabinet doors. Cremone bolts are traditionally found on French doors and casement windows but they also add a heck of a lot of gorgeousness when used on cabinets:

Other beautiful examples where cremone bolts were used are {this beautiful library} and {this eclectic kitchen}.

I’d love to luck upon a vintage cremone bolt at a flea market or antique shop but I’m also exploring my options online. So far, these bolts are my favorites:

I’ve also come across some gorgeous ones in more modern styles and finishes for those of you lean more contemporary:

Update! I finished off my dining room and unfortunately couldn’t end up using a cremone bolt because I didn’t have enough room for it at the top after installing new crown molding. I ended up adding large pulls instead and am so happy with how it turned out: