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  • Judy Mulloy


Updated: May 24, 2022

Every idea I conceptualize to design a new building is always focused on creating a harmonious connection to the environment in which it is situated. But creating those connections doesn’t stop with the merging of the building to its surroundings and environment; it carries over to the vendors I collaborate with to bring a project to life. The Bridge House was no different when the opportunity presented itself for me to build this house to function harmoniously with the natural environment of the property.

As I looked for different vendors to work with on this project, it was absolutely critical that I found companies that could deliver results and excellent service to my team, but also to the homeowners. Connection and harmony are both parts of my ethos as an architect, and I carry that through all aspects of a project. The companies my firm collaborates with have to align with that mission and ethos in order for there to be a nurturing partnership.

Collaborating with Baldwin Hardware to find the perfect finishes for the doors to the Bridge House was an obvious choice from the outset. The level of service and dedication provided by Baldwin Hardware is unparalleled, both to the professional teams they work with and the homeowners. They also have a diverse catalog that allows my team and myself to find the perfect accents to complement my designs, while also meeting the demands of the homeowners.

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